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Anyone can be pulled into a government investigation

As one former client stated, “nothing gets your attention like a call from an FBI agent!”

How and why people become part of these investigations is as wide-ranging as the potential outcomes.

  • Some people are potential witnesses, like the CPA who prepared tax returns for the target of a government investigation.
  • Others may have exposure to a potential crime being investigated, but not a target of the investigation. That does not mean the person is off the hook. It just means the government has higher priorities for the time being.
  • Then, there are primary focus of the investigations, or the targets. These people will be indicted, unless something changes the government’s focus.

We don’t take any situation for granted. We understand how insulting, embarrassing, and traumatic allegation can be.

We have advised many people during investigations, represented witnesses forced to appear before grand juries, and helped clients prepare for imminent charges. We understand the exposure you face and can help you navigate this difficult process.

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What are Government Investigations?

Somewhere today, people sit on a beach, take walks down the street, and watch their children’s sports
events without knowing that the government is conducting investigations into transactions, contracts,
or private events where their decisions overlap with the government’s interest.

These interests are sometimes real and other times perceived. Many government agencies tasked with regulating ordinary and extraordinary events that result in the good and bad governance affects all our lives. We can be drawn into the middle or periphery of a government investigation without knowing or expecting it.

As I write, a “breaking news” alert tells me that the United States Justice Department charged forty-four
people with $240 million with pandemic aid fraud. This investigation did not happen overnight and
likely resulted from the review of thousands of documents, interviews with hundreds of people, and the
attention of many government investigators.

Which government agencies investigate claims?

One thing is certain: the government’s resources are unmatched. Not just its financial resources either.
Although that is what feeds the countless government agencies and investigators charged with conducting investigations and pursuing civil and criminal claims.

The government’s resources include a multitude of agencies that are each focused on different areas of regulation.

  • The United States Postal Service has postal inspectors.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has agents assigned to investigate environmental claims
    and crimes.
  • Homeland Security has agents whose jurisdiction spans far beyond our borders.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates financial transactions of publicly traded

These agencies are just a fraction of the agencies investigating claims that may result in civil and criminal investigations and litigation. Often these investigations pull innocent people into government investigations or litigation by requiring them to produce documents, electronic records, and answer questions under oath.

The government has broad power to issue subpoenas, serve civil investigative demands, or bring civil or criminal actions. Many administrative agencies have procedures for investigating and hearing actions that expose people to scrutiny and civil and criminal liability.

Working with attorneys who understand the parallels and ancillary issues created during investigations by government agencies and the Department of Justice. These parallel proceedings can cause friction between the desire to cooperate in one setting and the exposure to criminal charges in a different forum. What’s more, these agencies have a general obligation to share information gathered during an investigation with the Department of Justice upon request.

Examples of agencies that conduct investigations and hold administrative hearings follow:

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission’s stated objective is to enforces federal securities laws.
    It requires companies, asset managers, and market participants to disclose financial and related information to assist investors to make informed investment decisions. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulatory actions include investigations, the ability to suspend trading of a particular stock, administrative proceedings before an administrative law judge, and actions in federal court. The results of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission could lead to criminal charges.
  • The Office of Research Integrity is charged with oversight for Public Health Service research integrity on behalf of the Secretary of Health and Human Services in cases that do not include the Food and Drug Administration. We generally encounter the Office of Research Integrity during investigations of research misconduct related to federal grants. These investigations often overlap with investigations by universities, the Department of Justice, and private litigants into misuse of federal funds awarded for research.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to bring enforcement actions through investigations, civil proceedings, and criminal charges.
  • The Office of Inspector General conducts criminal, civil, and administrative investigations into allegations of fraud related to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services programs. These investigations are often coordinated with the United States Department of Justice.

These are just a few of the agencies conducting investigations on the behalf of the United States government every day. All these agencies interact with the Department of Justice. Any investigation could ultimately result in a civil penalty or criminal charges.

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What you should do about a Government Investigation

No one should face or participate in an investigation without the assistance of counsel prepared guide you through these scary, extensive, and exhaustive investigations.

We have years of experience assisting people in your situation. We have cultivated relationships with investigators and experts prepared to assist in your defense. Allow us to help you.

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The Potential Consequences of a Government Investigation

We understand the uncertainty, fear, and stress you face when confronted with such an investigation. Your career may be on the line. All the financial success you have built could be in jeopardy. You may face a criminal prosecution.

While these investigations begin as civil investigations and proceed to civil complaints in some cases, targets of these investigations can be prosecuted under federal criminal statutes. These statutes may include wire fraud where the claims are submitted over the wire, bank fraud if the claims involve a financial institution, or making a false statement under 18 U.S.C. 1001.

The consequences will be much greater to an organization or individual. Your reputation, financial progress, and liberty are at stake.

You should take these investigations or lawsuits seriously.

Government Investigation Defense Attorneys

Government investigations by these various agencies are white-collar criminal investigations and white- collar criminal investigations are complex. The conduct the government is investigating often involves legitimate business practices.

It is critical to have experienced white collar criminal counsel representing you during any investigation that may result in a criminal charge, especially something as serious as wire fraud, bank fraud, or making false statements.

We have advised many people during investigations, represented witnesses forced to appear before grand juries, and helped clients prepare for imminent charges. We understand the exposure you face and can help you navigate this difficult process.

Given the multitude of documents involved in almost anyone’s life these days, these investigations include many cancelled checks, receipts, accounting records, bank statements, credit card statements, and tax returns.

Counsel must be prepared to analyze this information and consider alternatives to willful conduct as well as take into consideration and offer explanations for lawful behavior.

We have advised people during these investigations, consulted experts, and defended claims of criminal wire fraud.

We understand the monumental task of gathering documents for an independent review, the worry associated with not knowing where the government’s investigation will lead, and the danger of losing everything you have worked for. We are prepared to help you challenge these investigations and defend you at trial when necessary.

We understand you risk losing everything. We are white-collar crime attorneys prepared to help you achieve your best possible results and get back to leading a productive life.

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