About Us

We represent people accused criminal offenses and professional misconduct who risk losing everything. We work to get them their best results and back to leading productive lives.

That’s our mission statement because it’s what we’ve done for over twenty-seven years.

Not every criminal charge is the same. Some cause significant disruption; others are life-altering events. All expose our clients to criminal penalties; some directly related to the charge and other’s as a collateral punishment of the charge.

The same is true for allegations of professional misconduct. Not every investigation leads to a charge that could leave you unemployed. Many do. More important, an investigation alone can undermine or ruin a professional’s good reputation that took years to build.

We don’t take any situation for granted. We understand how insulting, embarrassing, and traumatic allegation can be.

Our team offers an honest evaluation, a thorough investigation, and a vigorous defense when our clients face government investigations, criminal charges, and allegations of professional misconduct.

Our clients are talented, productive people facing a tough time with the potential for significant negative consequences.

We use our years of experience to help them through this tough period and get back to being the same talented, productive members of society as before the allegations.