Government Investigations

Anyone can be pulled into a government investigation.

As one former client stated, “nothing gets your attention like a call from an FBI agent!”

How and why people become part of these investigations is as wide-ranging as the potential outcomes.

  • Some people are potential witnesses, like the CPA who prepared tax returns for the target of a government investigation.
  • Others may have exposure to a potential crime being investigated, but not a target of the investigation. That does not mean the person is off the hook. It just means the government has higher priorities for the time being.
  • Then, there are primary focus of the investigations, or the targets. These people will be indicted, unless something changes the government’s focus.

Whatever the government’s priorities—these people need experienced counsel to navigate a government investigation.

We have advised many people during investigations, represented witnesses forced to appear before grand juries, and helped clients prepare for imminent charges. We understand the exposure you face and can help you navigate this difficult process.

We currently represent people facing all levels of scrutiny in government investigations.

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