Do you have any interesting cases? That’s the most common question I hear at social events. It’s not always the easiest one to answer. First, our relationships involve confidential matters. Second, our cases don’t always involve stories made for television. Finally, not everyone gets why I do this work. The accusations against my clients are not always appropriate for polite company. Our newsletter provides a different view of the world of representing people accused of crimes, some perspective on our approach to cases, and insight on the challenges of this work. We would love to include you.

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These reports answer common questions about a variety of criminal allegations. They are not exhaustive. Every case is unique and you should consult a lawyer with specific questions. At the same time, these reports offer basic information about common topics.

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I have worked with great lawyers and had fabulous mentors. Over twenty-eight years, I have experienced my share of good, and occasionally bad, outcomes. In an effort to share my experiences, I mail a practice guide that includes tips valuable information about the way I approach various situations. They are designed for criminal defense lawyers. I am happy to add you to our list, simply email

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