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We represent people accused of criminal offenses and professional misconduct who risk losing everything.
We work to get them their best results and back to leading productive lives.

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You can’t afford bad representation.

When you are under government investigation, charged with a criminal offense, or facing a disciplinary proceeding before a professional or university panel, you can’t afford bad representation. Being accused of a crime is life changing. It is stressful and scary because there is a lot at stake. Your lawyer should not add to that stress.

Get the guidance you need.

Let us develop a strategy to help you move on with your life. We recognize that anyone can be accused of a criminal offense or professional misconduct. We understand the unfair scrutiny you face and the collateral damage to your reputation, relationships, and career.

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How to work with us

  • Schedule a time to meet
  • Help us better understand your situation
  • Work with us to develop a strategy

Allow us to help you through these difficult times and get you back on track with your life.

We represent people accused of criminal offenses and professional misconduct who face losing everything. We work to get them their best possible results and back to leading productive lives.

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Save your career. Regain hope. Restore your reputation.

Government Investigations & White Collar Litigation

We have advised many people during investigations, represented witnesses forced to appear before grand juries, and helped clients prepare for imminent charges.

We understand the exposure you face and can help you navigate this difficult process.

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Criminal Offenses

What have we learned after thirty years?

  • Anyone can be accused of a criminal offense.
  • Criminal allegations hit people where it hurts the most: reputations, relationships, and resources.
  • These are collateral to the abject fear of losing everything you’ve earned, not to mention going to prison.

These lessons motivate us to work for our clients’ best outcomes. We can’t remove the collateral damage created by criminal charges, but we can use our experience, energy, and passion to help you meet the challenges they create.

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Professional Misconduct

Professionals spend their lives building reputations.

One accusation of misconduct or unethical behavior can ruin a career’s worth of effort. We understand the scrutiny professionals face on a daily basis. We face that scrutiny ourselves.

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