I walked down Franklin Street yesterday. The empty streets and restaurants are, sadly, starting to feel normal. (Good only if you don’t want to wear a mask.)

I noticed something unusual.

A large, recently vacated restaurant space had a big sign announcing the relocation of a different restaurant to the space after renovations. That was surprising enough in this environment, but what really caught my eye was the name of the restaurant.

This particular restaurant has operated out of a much smaller, stand-alone building just down the street for years. It’s not obscure, but never created a lot of buzz. Lines didn’t run out the door after Football games.

Now, no one pays me for business advice, but I would not want to take on that expansion right now. (Or ever, really, but that has nothing to do with this crisis.) People are not flooding restaurants these days. A large dining room is unnecessary for a “pivot” to take-out.

Maybe the operators committed before the health crisis or decided to expand with the hope the virus will disappear soon. Could be, they have faith they can hold on long enough for business to return.

Whether its hope, faith, or plain foolishness, I choose to see it as a reminder that this crisis will pass. Things may not return to our version of normal anytime soon, but these particular challenges will give way to better times.

Although I can’t promise you normal, we remain open, engaged, and prepared for the challenges facing anyone accused of criminal offenses or professional misconduct.

Call if you need us. In the meantime, Happy Fourth of July!